WTF! N*E*R*D Member, Chad Hugo, Retires from Music! Is Pharrell to Blame?


N*E*R*D member, Chad Hugo, sent a tweet on Sunday saying he’s officially retired from music. But wait a minute, wasn’t he reuniting with Pharrell and Shay Hayley to release a new N*E*R*D album?! Something, something isn’t right…


I think I’m slowly getting into my feelings as I type this article, because I KNOW I wasn’t the only one who became excited when news broke back in November ’16 that N*E*R*D were getting back together. My third eye is telling me Pharrell has something to do with Chad’s decision to leave. Everyone knows that’s been my imaginary husband for over 10 years. Everybody also knows that I like cocky and stubborn men. You get my drift?

It’s official. I resign from the music business.


Chad tweeted on Sunday. Does he have a baby on the way? What caused this decision? Fans have been patiently waiting SEVEN YEARS for a new album. Heck, N*E*R*D stands for No One Ever Really Dies, so I’mma need this album to come to life!

Thanks again, people, for your support throughout all these years. Good luck/God bless!

Hugo added. Welp, I guess the only question left to answer is: would fans want an album with just Pharrell and Shay?

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