Why Kim Kardashian Has Played You All

I made a vow to not post anything about Kim Kardashian on Hollywood Tattle Tale, but the news heard around the world today proves why I feel sorry for anyone that’s a fan of hers.

After 72 days of marriage, Kardashian decided to give up on her vows and file for divorce from husband Kris Humpries. You are crazy if you didn’t see this coming. Kim constantly babbles about how busy her life is . You know, with trying on clothes and having someone take pictures of her all day, so how could she possibly ever fit in falling in love. Oh yeah..she didn’t.

Kim Kardashian played not only her fans but especially the companies that received publicity from her wedding. I can guarantee they didn’t make the $10-18 million that she raked in. We can only imagine how much Kris made from that publicity stunt, Humpries not Kardashian.

Why is it that her sister Kourtney, can keep giving boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick several chances to become a better man, which include couples therapy, but Kim can’t give her MARRIAGE more than 72 days?

If you’re not seeing the publicity stunt here yet folks then you are just plain ol’ blind. It’s time everyone get off the Kim Kardashian bandwagon and finally realize what she is out for…money and fame.

A lot of people have said that Reggie Bush and Ray-J are probably laughing in their seats right now and if they are, it’s at Kris.

Are you surprised about the divorce?

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