Who Knew! Miley Cyrus Is Down With The Brown


Apparently while Liam Hemsworth is away, his fiancé Miley Cyrus still gets to play.

Last night, the 20 year-old pop star shared photos via Instagram, of her laughing and getting jiggy with her guy friends. If you ever questioned if Miley was down with the brown, these pictures definitely answer that.

Keeping it casual in a leather jacket, skinny jeans and a beanie, Cyrus recently said that her upcoming album is nothing like her previous records. With collaborations featuring Mac Miller, Pharrell Williams and Tyler the Creator, fans will definitely get a first glimpse of Miley’s urban side; something that I never knew existed until I saw these photos.

Check them out.

mileycy1 mileycy3

Miley kicking it with the homies.

mileycy5 mileycy4



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