Vogue’s January Cover Girl Is…


The gorgeous, Gwen Stefani!

Either this girl doesn’t age or she has the best Photoshop team in the industry, because I don’t see one wrinkle or flaw.

Inside the January 2013 issue, Stefani chats with Vogue editor, John Van Meter, about their decision to reunite for the fans saying,

I was on tour for my second solo record in 2007, and I was playing Irvine Meadows in Orange County, which is basically where we grew up. I said, ‘Why don’t you guys come on stage as a surprise during the encore?’ The audience was already so on fire because it’s our hometown, and then these guys came out and it was just, like, electric. I’d never felt anything like it before. That was,  I think, the moment when we were all like, Arrgh, let’s do this already.


Fans were extremely excited once the news broke out that the band was officially in the studio, recording another album.

For Gwen, being the front runner hasn’t always been easy for her,

We’re really good at it now. We know that we all play a role. But there was a time when it was confusing. It was messy. The breakup, the new relationship, everyone recognizing me. All of that stuff feels like it’s so far away now; it’s just us friends, so grateful to be doing what we’re doing still.

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