Viola Davis Writing Sequel To Popular Children’s Book “Corduroy”

Viola Davis

Viola Davis, man is she amazing or what? Aside from starring on television shows, movies and unforgettable memes the 52 year-old is set to pen a sequel to the popular children’s book “Corduroy”. Details inside.

Viola Davis

Viking Children’s Books informed The Associated Press on Tuesday that Viola Davis will write “Corduroy Takes a Bow.” The story will continue about the infamous teddy bear. Wait a minute, is this the same teddy bear named Corduroy that I grew up with?! Oh boy, this is awesome! Viola Davis better werk! How many children have read about Corduroy through the years? And here Mrs. Davis comes writing a sequel. Won’t he do it! She is spreading #BlackGirlMagic all through the world.

Okay, journalist hat back on, The Associated Press reports “Corduroy Takes A Bow” is scheduled to be released September 11th, 2018; which happens to be the original book’s 50th anniversary.

Davis has had “special” memories of “Corduroy” as a child and a mother. I am definitely going to support and purchase the book. I don’t plan on having any children but it’s not like I can’t read it.



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