[Video] The Lonely Island Premieres “Yolo” Feat. Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar


A funnier boy band doesn’t exist than those of the group, The Lonely Island. The comical troupe includes former SNL cast member, Andy Samberg, Akiva “Kiv” Schaffer, and Jorma “Jorm” Taccone.

If you can remember their classic hits, I’m On A Boat, which featured rapper, T-Pain and Dick In A Box, featuring Justin Timberlake; than you will love their latest single, YOLO, which includes a very sexy Adam Levine, and newcomer rapper, Kendrick Lamar.

A word created by the talented rapper, Drake, who is still waiting to receive residuals for it, YOLO is defined as: You Only Live Once.

Well, The Lonely Island created a very comedic music video, shot at the Los Angeles bridge, ( a location that is literally across the street from my day job), that I am sure you will enjoy.

Let’s watch…




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