[Video] Justin Timberlake Premieres “Suit & Tie” Music Video!


It’s become aware that when fans heard Justin Timberlake’s new song, “Suit & Tie” their first thought was…what the hell is this?

Well, Justin isn’t going to let you give up on him just yet. A few hours ago he released a video of his lyrics being displayed as his track is played in the background.

Tattlers, I promise you (at least I hope) that you will like the song more, once you actually read the lyrics and see JT in action as the musical artist that we have all grown to love.

He looks dapper in his suit and tie, plays the piano, and even gets jiggy with it!

Unfortunately, Jay-Z does not make an appearance but there is a lucky lady that does.

And may I point out, that this is his first music video that shows his wearing his wedding ring!

Check it out…


Tattlers, do you like the song more now?

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