Vetements Designed Jeans That Show Your Booty Crack!


Vetements is one of the hottest fashion brands out right now. They’re also one of the most expensive. I’m talking $1k t-shirts. But when you have stars like Justin Bieber and Tracee Ellis Ross wearing your clothes, you can design apparel like what I am about to show you. Vetements has collaborated with Levi’s to bring you a pair of jeans like you’ve never seen before. A pair, that shows your booty crack. Photos inside!


The jeans are designed with a zipper located right in the center of the backside. And another pair with a zipper shaped like a diaper. It’s edgy and definitely pushes the grain, which is why people will love it!


Except for one thing…the price. Although the Parisian-based fashion brand has not released price points just yet, my intuition tells me these will run for at least $700; and I’m being nice.

Vetements hasn’t announce a release date either. I’d start stacking my coins if I were you.

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