Vanessa Simmons Pregnant with a Baby Girl!


Hollywood actress Vanessa Simmons is really good at keeping secrets, because she’s been keeping a large one for the last five months.

On Monday the former shoe designer revealed on Instagram that she and boyfriend Mike Wayans are expecting their first child. She will give birth to a baby girl in the winter.

“We are both very excited about the birth of our first child. We totally were expecting it to be a boy all along but  got very surprised when we found out it was indeed a girl. I immediately went  out and brought a cute outfit for her right after the appointment,” she told US Weekly.

“I was so nervous telling my dad at first being that I’m not married YET but he  was very excited and is supportive 100 percent. His concern is just that I’m  happy. Both families are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new  baby girl. She’s coming into two huge families waiting to give her lots of  love,” she added.

Vanessa and Mike have been dating for eight years.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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