Actress Valerie Pettiford Talks Recurring Role On ‘True Blood’

The cast of True Blood has added another Hollywood actress to their roster. Valerie PettifordĀ joins the HBO show on tonight’s episode titled “In The Evening.”

I sat down to chat with the star and get the scoop on her recurring role.



“I don’t want to give anything away!” said Valerie during my interview. Although she couldn’t give me much information about her recurring role on True Blood, she did reveal that fans do not want to miss her episode which premieres tonight!

“It’s a great show. I cannot wait to see the episode. It’s a really strong season.”

Besides starring on True Blood, Pettiford is expanding her resume by reprising her role on TV1’s Love That Girl sitcom, next season.

Not wanting to spoil tonight’s episode of True Blood, watch Valerie tonight and come back here as I interview her again and get the scoop on her role!

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  1. I sat thru this whole show, and Valerie was not on the screen no more than two minutes. So what was the big secret? They got us watching and excited for nothing.

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