"Uh, it's just very different" Mark Wahlberg Confirms Reality Show is Nothing like the Kardashians


We usually watch him on the silver screen.

But Mark Wahlberg and his family will soon hit the small screen to film their new reality show based on their family restaurant Wahlburgers.

His mother, brother Donnie (a possible Jenny McCarthy cameo?) and Paul will star in the A&E series that Mark says, will be nothing like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“No, no. It’s very different. It’s very different. Nothing against them. It’s just about building a family business. Uh, it’ just very different, very different.”


Is it just me or did the real Mark Wahlberg want to say, “Hell no! Our show features people with talent and that actually work. I am insulted you even wanted to compare me to the Kardashians.”

Wahlburgers will air in December.

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