Tyga Is Really Dating A Kim Kardashian Doppleganger Though


Tyga and Kylie Jenner aren’t dating so it’s okay for him to move on to other women…but with a Kim Kardashian doppleganger though? Story inside.


Paparazzi spotted the Faded rapper riding around and getting it with a girl that almost looks like Kim K more than Kim K does! From the black spots under her eyes to the bone straight hair do. Did this girl take a How to Look like Kim Kardashian West tutorial? Why anyone would want to resemble a reality star beats me, along with why Tyga is with her knowing people like me are going to say something.

Just like I’m going to comment on him driving that luxury car, knowing he has money troubles.


Okay, I’ll play nice. Apparently the Kim Kardashian lookalike goes by the government name Kamilla Osman. I guess. I find it interesting that the one time Tyga was spotted out with a Black woman, she quickly jumped on social media to deny any type of romantic relationship with him. And I haven’t seen them together since. That may have been the last time we see him out with a woman of color.

Did I say that?

Let's talk about it!