Tracee Ellis Ross & Rashida Jones Talk Confidence in Good Housekeeping

Tracee Ellis Ross & Rashida Jones

Tracee Ellis Ross & Rashida Jones open up about the pressure to be Hollywood’s version of beautiful in the May issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. I could never imagine that two my favorite comedic actresses would have an off day when they don’t feel attractive…but they do. Their stories inside.

Tracee Ellis Ross & Rashida Jones

Tracee Ellis Ross revealed that seeing Jennifer Lopez flaunt her curves is what made her appreciate her own. “‘I remember being very excited by Jennifer Lopez’s body. It was the first time I saw a woman with a similar shape to mine being celebrated as sexy.” she said.

As a child, the 44-year-old admired women like Christy Turlington and Madonna. And they definitely didn’t look like Ross. “I identified with all these supermodels who were super thin and didn’t have the curves I had. In hindsight, I understand how it affected [me].” added Ross.


Tracee Ellis Ross & Rashida Jones

Ever since I became a fan of Tracee when she starred in the comedic sitcom Girlfriends, I’ve always thought she was beautiful. The fact that she was naturally curvy and dressed to show off her assets was very inspiring to see on television as a young 20-something woman.

Another actress that’s dealt with the pressure to be thin in Hollywood is Rashida Jones. “I don’t like the idea that there is so much pressure on women to look a certain way in Hollywood. There are times when I feel myself buckling under it.”


Tracee Ellis Ross & Rashida Jones

Jones also voiced her concern about how easily it is for young people to get judged online these days. “Between 12 and 15, I was emotional, chubby and awkward. Thankfully I got to do that privately. It sucks now that kids have to decide how to represent themselves publicly at such a young age.”

The May issue of Good Housekeeping hits shelves April 18th.

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