Tisha Campbell KINDA Confirms ‘Martin’ Reboot: “It’s Very Exciting”

Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell shared some rather exciting news after breaking a sweat at the Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles on Sunday. Two words: Martin reboot.

Tisha Campbell

In case you don’t know, Tisha Campbell played Gina Waters on the hilarious comedic sitcom, Martin. It was created by stand up comedian Martin Lawrence and also starred Tichina Arnold, Carl Anthony Payne and the late Tommy Ford. for five years we saw a loving and funny relationship between Martin and Gina. It’s almost as if they set the tone for Black Love..sort of.

Anyway, on Sunday Tisha Campbell spoke about the possibility of a Martin reboot, but she didn’t really say anything meaningful.

I can’t tell you…It has been an honor to be Gina all these years. So….I can’t tell you guys anything. But it’s very exciting

Tisha Campbell

WHAT is very exciting?! I’m gonna need her to use her words. Come to think of it, Tisha filed a sexual harrassement case against Lawrence, causing them not to shoot scenes together for alllll of the last season. So, I am kind of confused how they’ll come together. Shoot, maybe money talks. Meaning, Campbell is willing to film alongside Martin for the right price.

Of course I care about her safety (whatever that means) but I would LOVE to see them, Cole and Pam back on-screen together!

Wouldn’t you?

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