The Famous Jett Jackson star Lee Thompson Young Found Dead in LA Apartment

thompson All 80s babies will shed a tear today after finding out that past Disney star, Lee Thompson has died of a possible suicide. Made famous as a child star by starring in the hit television series, The Famous Jett Jackson, TMZ reports that Thompson was found with a self-inflicted gun shot wound, by his landlord after his employer couldn't reach him by phone. The 29 year-old actor currently starred on the TNT hit show Rizolli and Isles. He recently said about growing up as a child actor, "It's always a really great feeling when I talk to people who watched Jett Jackson, because we were the same age. And it's kind of like, we had that in common. It means a lot to me when people enjoyed it and when it was a part of their childhood." Lee Thompson showed no signs of recent depression or anger. Praying for his family.  

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