That’s Not Yo Chick! Marlon Wayans Has Steamy Makeout Session With A Woman That Isn’t His Girlfriend


Actor, Marlon Wayans is rarely ever spotted with his girlfriend of 12 years and the mother of his two children. In fact, they don’t even live together.

“I like to keep it fresh. Because when you live together that’s when the sweat pants and the cream on the face comes out and it kind of says you’re not going to get some,” he told Wendy Williams on her talk show last month.

It doesn’t seem like Wayan’s girlfriend of 12 years, Angelica Zackary, isn’t getting another thing…a wedding ring!

It’s evident that if Marlon hasn’t put a ring on it after two children and 12 years, he’s not going to.

I guess that’s why he was photographed canoodling with a younger, lighter woman on a yacht while vacationing in St. Barths.

Peep the photos inside.


After his success of the dumbass movie, Haunted House, Marlon has taken his residuals and flown over to the white side.

Apparently he was lying about dating Angelica, or this is a horrible way to see your boyfriend.

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