That is "Completely Untrue" Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibriani Deny Divorce Rumors


They had to get divorces in order to become a couple.

And now, according to Star magazine Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibriani are heading down the same path they started.

Of course with this publication comes rumors or even lies, which has lead to the couple commenting on their current romantic status.

Eddie’s rep told E! News that the divorce allegations are “completely untrue.”

The weekly issue reports that the Hollywood actor often “calls and texts”┬áhis ex-wife Brandi Glanville when he’s having a bad day with Leann. Apparently she is a “total psycho” that “gets drunk and hides in her closet.”

Where did Star magazine get this absurd information?

This source would have to be none other than Eddie’s two sons in order for them to know anything about Leann hiding in a closet.

Eddie and Leann have been happily married since April 2011.

Photo Credit: Star magazine


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