Terrence Howard Talks “Best Man” Sequel


Actor Terrence Howard is having one helleva year.

First, he gets to have movie sex with Oprah Winfrey and now he’s starring in the sequel to one of my favorite urban films, The Best Man.

Last Thursday, while promoting his latest film, Dead Man Down, Howard revealed new details about Best Man Holiday.

Read inside.


I think it’s going to be an amazing film and I get teary-eyed thinking about it because there’s some tragedy in it. That’s all I’ll say. Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in The Best Man 1, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community.

The original characters which include, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Taye Diggs, and Nia Long have all signed up to star in the sequel, which hits theaters on November 14th.

Tattlers, are you as excited for this sequel as much as I am?!


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