Taylor Swift Who? Eminem Drops “Walk On Water” Featuring Beyonce


Eminem aka Slim Shady aka my imaginary boyfriend, said who cares Taylor Swift released her much-anticipated album today, I’m dropping new music too. And that he just did. To top it off…the song features none other than Beyonce. Listen, inside.

I haven’t decided yet, but I may feel some type of way about the title of this new Eminem track. It’s called “Walk on Water.” Umm, is this blashpemy or nah? Popular rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars recently released a new song with the same exact title! What is the music industry trying to do right now? First, we have Topshop acting a fool and now my boo may be in on this industry mind control propaganda. But, I should probably listen to the track before I get ahead of myself.

Listening to the song, it begins with Beyonce singing “I walk on water, but I’m not Jesus.” “Okay, okay this isn’t so bad after all. I was expecting an upbeat song but I guess with the recent foolery going on in the world, a slow and inspirational melody will make people feel better.

After hearing “Walk on Water”, I can say that I’m a fan. On the other hand, Beyonce singing she’s “just like you” is a bit farfetched. Have you seen her Instagram lately? Her profile alone proves why she isn’t like me. It’s a production! Sure, we both bleed red but she isn’t like me and that’s okay; she isn’t supposed to be.

I guess we should assume that this is the first song off of Eminem’s upcoming album, Revival. Although I said I enjoyed it, I’m still waiting for that banger.



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