Tara Reid: “I Was Never Married”

A few weeks ago actress Tara Reid shocked us all with the news of her quickie marriage. Well there was a reason that it was a quickie…because it wasn’t even real.

I’m sure that didn’t make sense but neither does the news of Reid confirming that her wedding to Bulgarian financier Zack Kehayov was never official.

“Just got married in Greece. I love being a wife!”

Is one tweet that Reid sent on her “honeymoon.” So, how does this Hollywood Tattle Tale know that Reid is a single woman? Because she told paparazzi!! While she was returning home from a flight, she was asked if the lovebirds could win a Newlywed Game. Her answer: we “were never really married.”

This is another case of Heidi and Spencer. Couples that plan to marry please remember one thing: You must get your marriage license in the United States.

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