Tamar & Vince Are Getting Back Together, According To Toni Braxton

Tamar & Vince

Tamar & Vince are reconciling. Well, at the moment they’re separated but according to the RnB singer’s older sister, Toni Braxton, we won’t see these two actually divorce…

Tamar & Vince

During a radio interview on Angie Martinez’s  Power 105.1 radio show, the Faith & Fury star got candid about her sister’s relationship status.

I think Tamar and Vince are just going through a ‘I hate you, Jody’ phase. Remember the movie [Baby Boy]? ‘I hate you, Jody!’ You know that’s just their phase. And I think those two are going to get back together.

Hmm, Tamar & Vince relationship is none of my business, but if Toni is is right, I kinda wish the ENTIRE season of Tamar & Vince wasn’t about the demise of their marriage. Also, I’ve never seen the movie Baby Boy (I know) but it seems the Herberts may have bigger issues that occured between two characters in a movie. For instance, a bitten finger, control issues and another woman’s baby.

It’s not my business to tell their business. but if I knew, I wouldn’t say anything.

Basically, nobody knows what the future holds for the Herberts, but if they can work out their differences then I wish them the best. I’m done with their reality show though.

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