This Summer Staple Is Already In Your Closet!

Summer staple

Summer staple? What if I told you the hottest trend for summer is already hanging in your closet. Because there’s a good chance it is. I know its in mine. So, want to know what it is…

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The biggest summer staple for 2017 is the oversize shirt! To be specific, a white oversize button down shirt. I am obsessed with button downs for some reason. I just really love how a collar makes me look. Vogue reports that the perfect way to rock this summer staple is to balance out the oversize silhouette by rolling up your sleeves.

Summer staple

When it comes to an oversize button down, its all about the fit. You don’t want a blouse that’s too big on your shoulders or hangs in a tacky way and most imporantly…you don’t want to look fat. There are specific items of clothing that’s worth investing in and this is definitely one of them. You’ll be able to see that from the tops I’ve listed thoughout this post.

Summer staple

I usually pair mine with ripped jeans and mules but this trend is all about going pantless for summer; at least if your shirt is long enough to do that. Depending on your style, you can opt for a cool graphic espadrille or some dope sneakers for pairing. Happy summer!

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