Starbuck’s Christmas Tree Frappuccino Is A Thing!

Starbuck's Christmas Tree Frappuccino

Starbuck’s Christmas Tree Frappuccino is coming to a coffee shop near you. Whenever I think they couldn’t ruin coffee with tons of sugar again, they prove me wrong. Details, inside.

Starbuck's Christmas Tree Frappuccino

Pop Sugar reports the Starbuck’s Christmas Tree Frappuccino is made up of the Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino, then topped with tree shaped matcha whipped cream that’s decorated with a caramel drizzle garland, candied cranberry ornaments and  a strawberry tree topper for the win.

For some odd reason, this drink is not featured on the Starbucks website; so I can’t tell you its nutritional content. With that said, I’m quite sure it’s filled with sugar, carbs and processed ingredients that would lead me right to my bathroom. #JustSaying

Before you get too excited, only select locations in the U.S. and Canada will offer this cup of sugar. And for those baristas that will be making this lovely concoction, it will only be sold between December 7-11th. Oh shoot, that’s this tomorrow!


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