Sigh, Zendaya Is STILL Claiming She Isn’t Dating Tom Holland


Zendaya must think I’m a fool. As we all know, she starred in the hit film, Spider-Man: Homecoming alongside actor Tom Holland. Well, not only has that movie wrapped but it was at Wal-Mart for less then $10 on Black Friday. Yet, these two are still spending time together. But, they’re not dating. Their latest hangout makes me beg to differ. And yes, I’ve provided hints.


It wasn’t paparazzi that spotted Zendaya and Tom shopping together, but Tom, himself, who shared their moments on Snapchat. My first hint that they ARE dating is based on wardrobe. The former Disney star was dressed down in a gray sweatshirt and pants. See, either she’s so comfortable with him that she doesn’t care what she wears #NoShade or they really are just friends hanging out.


Hmm, I’m trying to figure out which of my guy friends would want to just go shopping with me? Yeah, can’t think of any. Hint #2 that they’re dating is because they’ve already said they aren’t. As most of us know, Zendaya is a private gal. I think she’s been in one or two serious relationships. The fact that I don’t know how many and with who just goes to show how secretive she is.

So, her saying she isn’t dating someone is just a ploy to make fans not think she isn’t dating anyone. Then, when she keeps hanging out with that same guy everyone just assumes they’re friends. Nah.

Just like she didn’t briefly date O’dell Beckham Jr. *insert side eye.* Tom Holland is cute, if I squint my eyes. The actress is 21 years-old, has a successful career that’s just taking off and definitely deserves love. If she isn’t dating Tom Holland, I’m sure there are tons of guys that want to take her out.

Do you guys think they’re a couple?

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