Shia LaBeouf Drops Acid for ‘Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman’ Movie Role


Does actor, Shia LaBeouf have an Oscar nomination arriving next year?

The comedic actor is spreading his wings in the upcoming thriller, Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.

While promoting the movie at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, LaBeouf confessed to MTV, that he really wanted to portray his character whole heartedly and by doing so he had to do one thing…try acid.

“You subject yourself to things and you can’t choose your thoughts. You can’t choose your feelings. But you can’t really influence them, and I just try to influence myself as much as possible,” LaBeouf said.

The Transformers star recorded himself as he tried acid for the first time and sent the video to his friends, such as co-star, Evan Rachel Wood, “Not like I would know about these drugs!” said Wood.

Watch Shia and Evan discuss their role in the film.



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