“Shero” Gabby Douglass Barbie Doll Has Arrived!

Gabby Douglass Barbie

The Gabby Douglass Barbie Doll has officially launched and is available for purchase! Barbie calls it their “Shero” doll. Douglass is the first African American woman to win the individual all-around competition for gymnastics.

Gabby Douglass Barbie

We are excited to announce the launch of the Gabby Douglass #Barbie doll! Gabby continues to inspire us with her hard work and determination. #Shero. #YouCanBeAnything captioned Barbie on IG.

Douglass said the launch of her Barbie doll makes her excited to “inspire girls to play out their dreams.” Barbie labels the doll a “Shero” defining her as “a female hero inspiring girls by breaking boundaries and expanding possibilities for women everywhere.”

Gabby Douglass Barbie

The Gabby Douglass Barbie Doll is designed with a red, white and blue leotard detailed with stars and a Nike track suit. Fans can purchase the doll right here for $24.95.

I think this makes the perfect gift for a young girl trying to figure out if she should follow what she sees on television ie reality stars and silicone-filled bodies or not. Little girl, the answer is NOT. Also, aspiring athletes and even women my age, who want to remember milestones.


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