Sexual Chocolate! Sterling K. Brown Gets Shirtless On Ellen

Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown is winning. Literally, he won an Emmy award two weeks ago for his role in the popular series This Is Us and he also made not one, but two cameos in the second season of the HBO series, Insecure. Today, he visited the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk all that and take his shirt off!

Sterling K. Brown

Promoting the second season of This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown visited the daytime talk show with his co-stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. Apparently Ellen knows what us, ladies want because she asked the Emmy winner to follow the tradition of his co-star Milo and ride a tractor shirtless.

Why this is a tradition, I don’t know, but I’m definitely not complaining.

Sterling K. Brown

The married father of two, sigh yeah, showed off his sexual chocolate skin and abs while riding a machine I’m sure some of the female audience members wish were them. In fact, the visibility of his boxers made an audience member ask if he’ll show his bare behind off in season two. What a bunch of horny ladies!

Sterling jokingly replied, “…I, uh, no. It’s too much. Like honestly I saw it one time and it’s so black and so full that the audience here would look like a lunar eclipse…”

I’m sure that woman would be fine looking at all that sexy chocolate. She was probably White too. Watch Ellen today at 3 p.m.

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