Selena Gomez Better Werk in “Fetish” Music Video, Though I Don’t Get It…

Fetish music video

Selena Gomez premiered her new “Fetish” music video and although I’m here for it, I can’t say I know what I just watched. See for yourself inside.

I am definitely loving the new, edgy Selena Gomez. This girl has put out, what, three albums already but I’m just now really hearing her after she dropped “Bad Liar.” That’s my jam! And now this Fetish music video, sure it’s dope, but I’m unsure of the message she’s trying to get across.

From putting an eyelash curler in her mouth, to tying a string around her tongue, what are you saying Selena?!

Fetish music video

Fetish music video

 As far as the lyrics go, I don’t want to say she’s singing about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, but it’s too soon for me to attach her current boyfriend (The Weeknd) to any songs. I feel like she’s saying Justin is a fetish to her love because they kept going back to each other. In other words, she had him wrapped around her finger. And her to his, I’m sure.

What are your thoughts on this Fetish music video? I definitely think Selena is pulling a Miley Cyrus and going in a more urban direction musically. I just hope she’ll keep her clothes on and won’t start starring in a bunch of rapper’s videos. I can’t.

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