Rosewood Canceled: Morris Chestnut Releases Statement


Rosewood, the FOX drama, has been canceled after two seasons. The show starred actor Morris Chestnut as a private pathologist who performed autopsies to uncover case clues that the Miami police departement missed. Read his statement about the show’s cancelation inside.


Rosewood first began airing on Wednesday nights right before the FOX hit, Empire. Although it gained high viewership, it was pushed to Thursday and then Friday nights. Now FOX knows that nobody watches television on Friday night. And if they do, its catching up on reruns from earlier in the week. Did they want this show to fail?

Variety reports Season 2 ended “down over 50% in the key demo and nearly 40% in total viewers compared to Season 1.”  The show also starred actor Eddie Cibriani and Jaina Lee Ortiz. Chestnut released an official statement about Rosewood getting canceled saying,


I am very grateful about the part that everyone took in Rosewood’s journey, because everyone was truly an integral part; the writers who crafted great story-lines, the actors who brought these stories to life, the production crew who sustained the show’s infrastructure, and the terrific fans who embraced this phenomenon and became just as much a part of Rosewood as anyone else. FOX provided a platform for a show that made strides in diversity and the images it projected, as all-inclusive.

Now, although I didn’t watch Rosewood, the fact that I can no longer enjoy the sight of Morris Chestnut on my TV screen, makes me said. But, he’ll be back. Are you sad to see the show go off the air?  Read Chestnut’s full statement below.




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