Are RompHim The New Overalls?


RompHim, a romper for men. Yes, you read me right. Men can now wear rompers. The question is: should they? I think they should! Let me tell you why…


First off, let me give you a little background. The RompHim was designed by an up and coming fashion brand called Aced Design. Basically, its two white boys (it’s my blog) that were inspired by Hollywood’s sauvest men like James Bond and Clark Griswold. In other words, this has been done before. But, like chokers and bell bottoms and even Fila, everything gets recycled.

According to the brand’s Kickstarter, this garment features a shirt pocket, deep side pockets and a zippered back pocket.


I like the RompHim. I’m here for this look. But, just like rompers for women, we can’t all wear them; at least we shouldn’t. For instance, I have a little tummy. I’m working on it but while I do that, I know that me wering a romper with an elastic waist is not hot. Therefore, the RompHim was not designed for men with bellies, Nor were they designed for men lacking muscular arms and legs. Let’s not get tacky here!

It’s not available for purchase just yet but prepare to shell out $90-119 for one.

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