Rob Kardashian SLAMS Mehgan James Dating Rumors, She Responds

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian is not here for any rumors that he’s dating former Basketball Wives reality star, Mehgan James. Although, rumors have been spreading like hot fire about their love affair, it turns out, its just that…

Rob Kardashian

“Wait reading online about some chick I’m dating Megan something. Not true never even met her or heard of her before.” Rob Kardashian tweeted on Thursday.

First off, he spelled her name wrong, its Mehgan. Then, despite the fact he’s liked some of her Instagram pictures in the past, he said he’s never heard of her. Uh-huh. Did I ever think they were dating? Nah. I’m not even sure who is actually attracted to Rob Kardashian. He just seems lazy to me and I CAN’T STAND a guy with a belly. He said it himself, the bigger the belly gets, the smaller the penis is.

Rob Kardashian

Thank goodness this rumor can finally be put to rest, but don’t think Mehgan didn’t have the last word when it came to Rob K denying her.

“Although I’ve been advised not to say anything , I will say, I’m only ” Megan something. ” I don’t control the media but we all know who does. Im just as confused as everyone else.” she tweeted on Friday.

Where Blac Chyna at? Everybody knows that’s her man.

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