Where Rob At? Blac Chyna + Mechie Going Strong

Blac Chyna + Mechie, man I never thought I’d have to report about her and another man besides Rob Kardashian. By now, I thought I’d be able to call her Angela Kardashian. But we all know that nothing lasts forever in Hollywood, these two are still together though.

Blac Chyna + Mechie

Blac Chyna + Mechie, word on the street is that they broke up two weeks ago, but these photos from last night say otherwise. Paparazzi spotted the couple hanging out in Los Angeles. Date night, I assume? For some reason, I’m not getting the vibe that Blac Chyna is really interested in Mechie like that. She used to flaunt Rob all over her social media accounts and the only time you see this guy is if paparazzi sees him too.

I’m starting to wonder if she’s dating him because he was the guy she cheated on Rob with. She doesn’t want to dump him and date somebody else right away because that’ll make her look like the ho– a lot of people think she is. I don’t know. Besides, Mechie is 24 years-old and a struggling/upcoming musician. How far can this go?


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