Reebok Copies RhompHim, Designs the ReeRomp


Reebok are a bunch of biters! Just 24 hours after news dropped of the RompHim, the male romper, Reebok ‘gon come and design their own. I can’t. Get your coins tho. See it inside.


Its called the ReeRomp and instead of being designed with floral prints and pastel hues, it has a sporty feel to it. Fashionista reports it’s constructed using their ActivChill technology ie men won’t have to worry about pit stains. The ReeRomp is priced at $89, which is betwen $10-30 less than the RompHim. Can RompHim shine or nah?

If you want to have your very own men’s romper, you can make a preorder and it’ll arrive in 30 days. It is only available in white. I feel like both garments are pretty unisex, in my opinion.

Ladies, gentleman: who will be adding the Reebok ReeRomp to cart?

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