Being Mary Jane Recap, “Feeling Destined”: The Patersons Visit MJ & Justin Comes Back

Feeling Destined

Feeling Destined, Tuesday’s episode of Being Mary Jane started with Kara slaying the Latina Mama Bear hovering around her man and working on helping her Baseball Bae transition to life after retirement. Back in Atlanta, the Paterson’s are at odds, with Mrs. Paterson moving out of the house and Mr. Paterson brooding around with a permanent frown on his face. Patrick finds out that his father is actually Frank (Billy D. WIlliams) and is pissed to high heavens. Justin and Mary Jane are trying to make things work but with him in another country it is hard to tell if they are truly good despite sending flowers to Mary Jane.

Feeling Destined

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
Oscar Wilde

Kara and #baseballbae are celebrating about his post pro-ball career. Kara is making a play for Garrett’s job and is putting together plans to produce the hell out of her prime time show with Mary Jane. I smell drama in the air between the two friends.

Back in Atlanta, the Paterson’s are making a pre-planned trip to New York to see Mary Jane and appear on her show. Not being over the betrayal, Mr. Patterson stays at the hotel and sends Mrs. Patterson to drop the D-bomb on Mary Jane. Before they can go on camera they bump heads (again) and Helen storms off. Mr. Paterson is left to do the show alone, but telling the story about his BBQ sauce reminds him how much he loves Helen.

The Paterson’s finally have a civil conversation but Mr. Paterson is resolved on getting the divorce despite the fact that Helen has decided not to reconcile with Frank.

Feeling Destined

In New York, Mary Jane learns about her parent’s drama and feels like she is to blame. She also receives a call from the doctor about her egg storage. Back at home, a beaten Mary Jane takes out her relationship issues on her mother, blaming her bad decisions on how she moved as a younger woman. In the muck she comes up with a brilliant pitch about black women fixing America. The mother-daughter duo end up fixing their issue before the close of the episode after the two have a heart to heart. What is going to happen to a newly single Helen?

Helen comes clean about Patrick and (surprisingly) Frank isn’t upset. He is more determined to whisk her away from Atlanta to start a life together. He shows up at Patrick’s meeting to smooth the waters with his son. Patrick is left less upset about the matter, but what will he do with this new found knowledge?

The episode ends with Justin coming back into town. Hope everything works out for them in the future, but… does Justin even want kids?

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