Rapper Eve Accidentally Confirms Gwen Stefani's Pregrnancy during Radio Interview


Rumors have been swirling that fashionista Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her third child, but she has yet to confirm or deny.

Unfortunately, one of her friends took the authority of doing so.

During a radio interview with Live Nation, rapper Eve dropped the bomb and revealed the exciting yet sacred news about her long-time friend when asked if Stefani will be collaborating on her upcoming album, saying: “Well she’s preggars…she’s chilling.”


Eve’s reveal is the closest confirmation that we’ve received about Gwen’s pregnancy. Though it’s not news that the couple of 10 years have tried to get pregnant again, recently telling Vogue magazine, “I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago. And it didn’t really work out,” the No Doubt singer said in the January issue.

No matter if Eve was telling the truth or not, when it comes to pregnancy…only time will tell.

Tattlers, do you think Gwen Stefani is preggars?

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