Quote of the Day: Kanye West Finally Explains Why He Is Dating Kim Kardashian!


I had people say ” this is going to damage your credibility as an artist or a designer.” But I say, ‘I don’t care, I love this woman.’ Our someone could say, ‘”When the paparazzi surrounds you…everyone knows you don’t like the paparazzi. Why would you be with this person?” And I say, ‘I am being with this because, you know, I love this person and she is worth it to me.’ And there is no paparazzi and no blog comment…there is nothing that is going to take that joy away from me. Now I have two really special people to live for. A whole family to live for. A whole world to live for.

Kanye West said to Kriss Jenner on why he is dating Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

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