Is Quantasia Sharpton A Fraud For Suing Usher Because She “Needs Money”?

Quantasia Sharpton

Quantasia Sharpton, I wish I had something positive to say about her, but I don’t. The young 21 year-old is currently suing RnB singer Usher Raymond, not because he gave her herpes but because he could have. Nope, I’m not kidding you. And, this silly lawsuit comes days after she posted a cryptic comment on her Facebook. Details inside.

Quantasia Sharpton

On Monday, Quantasia Sharpton was joined by her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, at a press conference in New York. Although she did not contract the herpes virus from Usher, her lawsuit states she suffered severe emotional distress, birthing complications, stress, depression and anxiety. Hmm, how long did she suffer all of that for? What I’m confused about is that she allegedly had sex or had an oral transaction with Usher when she was 19 years-old..she’s 21 now. Why did she wait two years to sue? And if you thought you had herpes, though I’m quite sure that’s something you’ll be able to notice soon enough, why didn’t you get tested before feeling stressed, depressed etc? And not just that, she should’ve gotten tested anyway just for engaging in an unprotected sexual activity. I can’t.

This girl wants to sue Usher because he didn’t tell her he has herpes (allegedly) but she chose to have unprotected sex. In other words, he doesn’t have to tell you anything.

Quantasia Sharpton

Quantasia Sharpton Quantasia Sharpton

If I were Usher, I’d sue for defamation of character, ESPECIALLY since she doesn’t even have herpes! And what makes this situation even worst is that just days before her unecessary press conference, Quantasia Sharpton not only posted on Facebook saying “I need some money” but she also wrote “Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl.” See, that’s what’s wrong with young people today. This girl wants to have 15 minutes of fame by making herself look a fool. And you know what, things are not going to end up on her side.

I wish I would tell the world that I chose to have unprotected sex with a stranger that may have herpes. And I’m mad and going to sue because he should’ve told me he had it. No, you shouldn’t have laid up with a stranger. Girl, bye. I have no remorse for Quantasia Sharpton, mother of three.

I hope this is the attention she was looking for.

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