Nintendo Game Boy Is Coming Out AGAIN, Here’s Proof!

Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy, man I remember when my sister received one for Christmas. I was just six years old but I thought I knew what I was doing. Well, it’s 28 years later and word on the street is that it’s coming back out. And you know what, I’m old enough now. Details inside.

Nintendo Game Boy

The rumor of the relaunch began when BGR noticed a Japanese Twitter bot tweeted a picture of the original Nintento Game Boy. Apparently that made them put on their investigative hat because soon after, they also found that Nintendo trademarked a lot of keywords like leather, fur, garters, sock suspender etc. Yeah, don’t ask.

Although Nintendo has announced the relaunch of their NES Classic console, nothing has been said about the Game Boy. But, let’s be real for a minute, how cool would it be to own one again? I literally just reconnected my Playstation. The original! Sure, this is another adult toy that you probably don’t need but in the end, when you don’t feel like spending money over the weekend, you spend your time playing video games.

In other words, I’m here for the Nintendo Game Boy relaunch! You know, if it happens.

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