Playboy Carti Has A New Girlfriend Named Blac Chyna

Playboy Carti

Blac Chyna ended her relationship with aspiring artist, Mechie, and has apparently moved on to a rapper that’s actually known for his work. Find out who, inside.

Playboy Carti

Word on the street is that Blac Chyna is dating rapper Playboy Carti. If his name isn’t Kanye, Pharrell or Kid Cudi then I don’t know what he raps but I believe he has an existing career; which is great since the former stripper was just featured on a rap song. A snippet of the track is below. I purposely didn’t listen to it.

I don’t need my brain cells altered, but tell me if you like it.

Last weekend, Rob Kardashian’s baby mama posted a few Snapchat videos that had Playboy Carti in them. She even called him a ‘snack’ in one. And, Oxygen spotted them attending ComplexCon together last weekend. I am always here for women finding love but word on the street is that Carti was arrested in his last relationship for domestic battery.

Playboy Carti

Blac Chyna, be careful girl. To top it off, his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose is already starting to hate on their relationship, posting “How does my as* taste?” in a caption on Instagram. Girl, move on. If that man allegedly put his hands on you or even has a temper, you know you don’t need that. I’m sure you two broke up for a reason.

Sigh, millenials.

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