[Photos] Rihanna Shoots Top Secret Campaign!


For once, Rihanna has been working on her career and not on Chris Brown.

On Sunday evening, the pop singer shared exclusive photos of her upcoming campaign that is apparently “top secret.”

Shot by celebrity photographer, Mertalas, Rihanna dressed in nothing while rocking sexy red lipstick, witch nails and a blond wig.

I can guarantee you that whatever this campaign is for.. it’s going to be sexy.

Check out the photos!


Rihanna’s photographer on the shoot, Mertalas, posted this image with the caption “Miawww!” Could the campaign have a Halle Berry-esque Cat Woman theme?

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After wrapping up her photo shoot, Rihanna posted this incredibly beautiful image of her only dressed in jewels. Could she be the new Victoria’s Secret model?

Tattlers, what do you think her photo shoot was for?

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