[Photos] Lindsay Lohan Rips Borrowed Dress Into Shreds!


I never thought I’d write this, but Lindsay Lohan is on a path towards self-destruction.

Case in point, this $1750 sparkling sleeveless gown by Theia, that Lohan borrowed to wear to an amFar event on February 6th, was completely destroyed by the end of the evening.

The Freaky Friday star received the dress in honor of Charlie Sheen, after he made a call to celebrity stylist Philip Bloch, because Lindsay’s credentials are quite weak these days.

Along with a horrible wig, Lohan wore the dress but is now saying that it ripped during the event. Therefore she had her “stylist” friend approach a bouncer for a pair of scissors, Us Weekly reports.

Apparently Lindsay nor her friend are designers so the finished product looked like trash.

Take a look inside.



Lohan cut half of the dress off!

Although Sheen said he would go “halfsies” on purchasing the dress, of course Lohan denied the offer- I’m starting to assume that she couldn’t afford it.

Theia has not released a statement about the destruction of her gown, but I think it’s safe to say that she’s quite pissed.

Good job Lindsay!

Source: Us Weekly

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