[Photos] Holly Madison Celebrates Her “Holly-Go-Lightly” Themed Baby Shower


Mother-to-be, Holly Madison celebrated her pregnancy with a “Holly-go-lightly” themed baby shower in Las Vegas, NV.

30 of her friends and family members enjoyed ice cream shakes, candy necklaces, and cake during the festivities which didn’t involve, “corny games.”

The former Peepshow performer blossomed with excitement while celebrating the arrival of her baby girl, “It was really festive and well done. It was really fun, just all of us sitting down and relaxing, having lunch, gossiping and having a good time.”

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The festivities were sponsored by Le bebe Coo, a luxury baby and children’s cosmetic brand.

Unlike most baby showers, Holly decided to break the tradition and have a co-ed shower, “It was girls and guys. I have a lot of guy friends and we have a lot of friends who are couples, so I really wanted a co-ed shower.”

Madison and boyfriend, Pasquale Rotella requested that their guests bring gifts that the couple could donate to Baby2Baby.

They’re expecting their first child to arrive in less than one month.

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