[Photos] Christina Milian Gets Dookie Braids


The Voice host, Christina Milian, made a late night call to her hair stylist to receive a brand new look like we’ve never seen her before.

Now that the single mother is on vacation from filming The Voice, she can relax and show off her funky style.

Check out the Young Money star’s surprising new hairstyle that’s reminiscent of a certain Janet Jackson film…



Christina Milian received thin dookie braids! Last night she posted on Instagram,

“Yes yes yes yay! I’ve been wanting to get individual braids since I was like 12! Finally did it! Than you @a1_hair. Time to break out my J’s and daisy dukes! Lol thanks for the intro!”

J’s and daisy dukes…in the Winter, obviously Christina is a California girl.



Did Christina start a trend for the Spring season?

Tattlers, do you love her new hairstyle?




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