Pharrell Williams to Score The Amazing Spider Man 2 alongside Hans Zimmer


Once again, Pharrell Williams is proving why Details and GQ magazine have given him the title of Innovator.

The celebrity music producer has been in the studio working on another hit album. You won’t hear these beats on Justin Timberlake or Miley Cyrus’ new record.

But you will hear it on the soundtrack for The Amazing Spider Man 2.


Last Saturday, Pharrell revealed that he will help score The Amazing Spider Man 2 alongside German film composer Hans Zimmer. The gentleman joined forces over the weekend to discuss their creative ideas.

This isn’t Pharrell’s first role as a film composer. The hip hop star scored the film Despicable Me and also played the drums during the 2012 Oscar Awards.


The Amazing Spider Man 2 premieres in theaters May 2nd, 2014.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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