Pharrell Williams Quotes Dr. Seus in Lawsuit with


I knew there was a reason why I love this man so much.

How does Pharrell Williams vie to win his legal battle with

Well, by bringing in Dr. Seuss of course.

The two music producers are at arms over the ‘I Am’ trademark. After Pharrell launched his I Am Other YouTube channel, Will issued a cease and desist letter, informing Williams that he in fact owns the ‘I Am’ trademark.

But, Pharrell Williams being the creatively sly man that he is, conjured up his point to prove to Will that they are both using the ‘I Am’ phrase in different ways. is in fact using it in more of a, let’s say…Dr. Seuss tone.

Or how Pharrell put it, a Green Eggs and Ham song which goes like: “Sam I am, I am Sam, I am Sam, Sam I am.”

Williams stated that his I Am means ‘I am something else’ and leaves it up to your own imagination as to what that is; but it definitely is not

“I am surprised in how this is being handled and I am confident that Will’s trademark claims will ultimately be found to be as meritless and ridiculous as I do,” said Pharrell.

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