Opposites Attract! Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross Are NYFW’s Cutest Couple

Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross

Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross have been slowly but surely making their way through New York Fashion Week these last few days; and they’re looking amazing doing so. In fact, I’d pretty much label them the hottest couple to attend. Sorry, Cardi B and Offset.

Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross

Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross were a matching duo as they attended the Zadig & Voltaire runway show in New York this evening. Simpson said ‘what Labor Day rule’ and opted for an all-white suit and matching heels while her husband Evan donned a black faux fur coat, stripe tee and black pants and boots.

Although may have gotten just a syringe or two of botox and her ankles are looking a little ashy (why do White people think they don’t get ashy) she totally rocked her look.

Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross

Her platinum locks were the perfect finishing touch. Aside from taking care of her two children, I’m really hoping she gets in the studio to record new music sooner than later. Actually, now that I think of it, I remember reporting that Ashlee Simpson + Evan Ross are recording an album together.

Meanwhile, until that album comes out, Evan will star in season two of the FOX drama series called Star.

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