Once Again..Chris Brown Deletes Instagram..But Not Until He Tells THIS To His Fans…


Actor, singer, performer, artist and even model, Chris Brown is a very talented guy; but he lacks direction. Earlier this week, controversy was amongst him when he got into an altercation with bitch ass rapper, Frank Ocean. He reportedly jumped or cut Ocean’s finger after fighting over a parking spot at a West Hollywood music studio. Though Chris is willing to cooperate with police, he has received a lot of backlash from Ocean’s fans.

Once again he has allowed the negativity of a social media website, Instagram, get to him and has chosen to not entirely delete his account…but make it private; but not after he wrote a sincere message to his fans. Hopefully we’ll see Chris sign back on and post photos of his incredible art. Maybe he’ll even take his own advice.

Read what he had to say…


We’ll miss you Chris.

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