Oh, Brother: Topshop Removed Their Gender-Specific Dressing Rooms


Topshop is going to hell. First, the owners daughter is walking around Hollywood with a convited felon and now the actual stores have decided to remove every gender-specific changing room because some confused millenial has a problem. Sigh, I can’t. Details inside.


Now, some of you may not like what I have to say and you know what: I don’t care. I may be in this world but I am not of it and I’m pretty tired of people disrespecting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because, let me tell you something: he doesn’t make mistakes. The problem that I have with Topshop is that just because Travis Alabanza, a guy who identifies himself as a girl (whatever that means) tweeted a rant about not being able to try on clothes in the female changing rooms, they went and changed their entire policy.

I am so sick of men saying they ‘identify’ as women. Can you identify getting cramps and period pimples every month? Or, you only identify with wearing makeup and high heels? Can you identify with blood cloths, menopause, pregnancy, miscarriages and abortions? Because even if you decide to take hormones and get your God-given penis surgically altered to resemble a vagina, you still WILL NOT feel, receive or ‘identify’ with any of the things I mentioned.


Which is why Topshop and any retail store who does this, is bogus. I, a woman, shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable trying on clothes around a boy with makeup on. Makeup is not a woman make, if that’s the case I would be a man on some days when I don’t wear any makeup at all.

“She wasn’t rude, but she wasn’t sympathetic either.”Alabanza told Buzzfeed about the Topshop employee who told him to take his dress and try it on downstairs in the men changing room. I have a question. Why does Travis feel that it’s necessary to try clothes on in the female dressing room? Was he scared of getting bullied by the men downstairs? Sounds like a personal problem.

After Travis vented his frustrations on Twitter, another confused boy told his story and shared an email the fashion brand sent about their dressing rooms. Well, I guess it only takes two people to make change because Topshop has officially ridden their stores of gender-specific rooms saying, “As part of our commitment to equal opportunities and non-discrimination, we felt our policy needed updating. Though typically located in specific product areas such as Topshop or Topman, our fitting rooms are now available for all customers to use. This has been communicated across the chain.”

I don’t think it needed updating at all. So, if a woman gets molested by a man in a changing room, then what? This world is coming to an end. There’s far too much disrespect happening and it’s just sickening.


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