Noooo! G-Eazy Dating Lana Del Rey!!!

G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey

G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey? Well, unfortunately ladies, that's what its looking like. The streets started talking of a relationship between these two when fans spotted her watching the rapper perform at Coachella. Maybe she's just a fan of his music? Nah, there's more to this story...

    G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey

Paparazzi spotted the twosome exiting Avenue nightclub in Los Angeles together on Tuesday. Is G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey or are they just friends? I'm just kind of shocked. I always thought I'd see him with a nice Black girl. Not me, well maybe, but not really. I guess I need to stop equating White rappers with Black girlfriends. Too bad I can't do the same for Black rappers. #Bloop.  

Okay, kidding. But still, is anyone elase shocked by this pairing? Lana seems to be very...odd. And this judgement is based primarily on her music, which I don't listen to. As for G-Eazy, he's grown up in urban enviorments and still surrounds himself with people who look like me. But, I guess when it comes to love, there is no color.


Lies! Whether G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey is true or not, I wish them nothing but happiness.

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