Nooo! Raúl Esparza Leaves ‘Law & Order SVU’ After 6 Seasons

Raúl Esparza

Raúl Esparza, sigh, my boo from my favorite television show Law & Order SVU, left me you guys! And I am distraught about it…

Raúl Esparza

Raúl Esparza, also known as Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba, ended his career with the show this past Thursday in a shocking episode. I don’t think you guys understand how sad I am about this. I turn on Hulu every Thursday to watch Wednesday night’s episode of Law & Order SVU, specifically for ADA Barba. I love his confident and authoritative demeanor; and he wasn’t a bad lawyer either.

ADA Barba was my breath of fresh air ever since Benson’s partner, lieutenant Stabler left the show. And now, I have no one. Last Thursday’s episode was about Raúl Esparza’s character killing a brain dead baby without the father’s permission. Fans were left nervous, thinking he may be sent to prison, but he was found Not Guilty. Awesome, right?! Except for the fact that he decided to leave his career as a lawyer to “move on to other things”. What those other things are, I have no idea.

At least not when it comes to Law & Order SVU. As for Esparza’s real life, he’s heading back to Broadway. Yes, not only can my imaginary boo wear a suit and tie like no other, but he can sing and dance too! Entertainment Weekly reports that Raúl will star in Broadway’s Chess revival at the Kennedy Center.

Welp, it’s not like I don’t watch reruns of SVU to watch old episodes of Stabler. I guess I have to start doing the same for my boo, Barba.


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